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Team Coaching

I am trained in a specialized coaching approach called "Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching" which has prepared me for coaching Teams as the client.  In this work, coaching questions are posed to the Team, particularly Leadership Teams, as an entity.


  • What is this leadership team accountable for?

  • How does this team want to be seen in the organization?

  • How will this team address conflict within the team itself?

  • How does this team ensure all members have a "voice"?


We often begin the engagement with assessments of Team Effectiveness or Behavioral Styles in order to get a better understanding of the ways the Team tends to behave as a whole, as well as to gain an appreciation for the diversity of the Team members.


I have had the good fortune to work with Teams at all levels of the organization-- whether a high-performance teams that is eager to continue to evolve or a team that is stuck and having difficulty functioning effectively together.  I have worked extensively with C-suite Teams and owners of privately-held construction companies.  


Teams achieve powerful shifts when they are able to see themselves more clearly and take accountability for who they are becoming.


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