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Coaching & Consulting

As a corporate Human Resources leader by background and a previous consultant with a Fortune 500 Consulting firm, I am experienced in advising on new processes, providing tools and recommending changes.  I'm not hesitant to point out what I see as opportunities in your company.  In essense, I am a seasoned Organization Consultant.


Now, I predominantly take a Coach approach, however.   I support your organization change initiatives by posing provocative questions, challenging assumptions, holding up your current paradigms for a closer look, and bring out your own best answers to evolve your company and the talent already within your organization.  I take this same approach in working with individual emerging and senior leaders.  As a thoroughly-trained, professionally-credentialled coach, I work with individuals who are motivated to develop themselves with a strong accountability partner.  


I offer coaching at the individual, team and organization level.

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