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Organization Coaching

Construction and Engineering companies work with me when they are eager to shift their culture and grow their organizations.  I know what it takes to rebrand your organization for a P3 world where low-bid and low-cost are no longer sufficient to land the work. Marketing expertise, purposeful networking, communication excellence, professionalism and leadership strength are now key differentiators for organizational success in an industry that is becoming exponentially more sophisticated and complex. I bring a blend of coaching and consulting to supporting companies in fostering greater employee engagement and accountability, while having their own managers take a "coach approach" to leadership.  


Here are a few examples:


1. I had the honor of working with 60 leaders of a Construction Management company based in Sacramento, California.  The executive team was eager to create a Coaching Culture so we embarked on a one-year program involving onsite workshops and 6 months of group coaching  with the 60 leaders working in small groups in teleconference sessions with me. Significant individual and organizational learning occurred, resulting in a new way of managing Project Teams.

2. In our work together, a highway construction company in Guelph, ON became one of Canada's Best Managed Companies in 2010 by focusing on best practices for strategy, communications and sustainability, achieving Platinum level in 2018.Through our work together, this same organization has invested in other companies to grow it's capacity and ensure longevity.  Managers have become more accountable at all levels, rather than relying on the owners for all key decisions. 

3. As an Associate of G-Force International, I have supported four cohorts of emerging leaders in a large, privately-held infrastructure construction company in the U.S.  A one-year program was developed for high-potential employees to address the future leadership needs of the organization.  The participants set goals based on 360-degree feedback, received customized training with business school facilitators and worked towards their development goals in an ongoing coaching relationship.  Several participants were promoted through the program and received new assignments.  

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